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Hulk-size Ulna Minneapolis

Giant part I

“I did some very basic human skeletal analysis and curation a few months back.
One male individual is the Incredible Hulk! No really! He has the most robust/large skeletal remains I have ever seen!”

“The ulna/radius on the right are from an individual about my size. (Arguably I am a pretty gracile specimen) The ulna on the left is from HULK-man. Jeez!  Look at that size difference” jangojips: June 1, 2011

“More skeletal analysis on “the Hulk” man.”


The “femur fragment on the left is the size of an average femur, the femur on the right is from the Hulk.”

*long whistle*

“That is one large femur. It is so impressive, I started rummaging around the lab.”


“The distal femur on the right with the…”

What an incredible specimen! Known only as the “Hulk”. When this Hulk was alive he was far superior than todays warrior. He was large with an overwhelming strength capacity. Modern man is a toy poodle equivalent while the Hulk is a Dire Wolf. Larger bones means more muscle connections. I am hoping more information will come out about this, awaiting contact and diving deeper into this story. . . By the way, This is one of those hard evidences for giants people are always asking for.

~Chris L Lesley