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Contact me if you would like a Museum Mural.

In the 90’s I owned the largest mural company in Sarasota Florida JC Murals. Now I am doing business under the name: “G.A.W.M. Store”

I have done murals and faux finishes in several historic homes.

The largest house in which I painted murals throughout and provided multiple faux finishes was once a Hospital in Venice, Florida.

My most prestigious  celebrity client is Janet Jackson, for whom I created a museum mural titled “Four Winds.” The 12′ x 15′ mural is attached to the roof of the foyer in her New York home.

My most prestigious sports figure client is Fred Funk, pro golfer whom I have worked on many of the paintings in his house  as well as the two sculptures that now reside in his foyer.

I have painted 27 Cheese burger in Paradise restaurants owned by Jimmy Buffet.

The largest and fastest museum mural I ever painted was 15’tall 410’long backdrop for a monkey  environment at a zoo in Turkey. (Pictured above)

Photo showing all four walls of a children’s mural in Jacksonville Florida

In addition to a quoted price:

  • Per-diem, a daily living expense
  • Fuel, and travel expenses
  • Room and board
  • Supply charge
  • Any redo or change order that incur extra time and expense.
  • Delayed payment fee

Museum murals are a luxury and not cheap, I will work with your budget. Travel is no problem I work all over the world, if you would like a no-worry professional, I am the last artist you will need for any job. Call me at 904-290-0176 or email me at and I can hook you up!