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36 inch thighbone found

36″ thighbone

1860.07.25 - Raftsman's Journal
Found-some gigantic human remains, in Minnesota. One thigh bone measured three feet. That beats “Lengthy’s” a little.1860.07.25 – Raftsman’s Journal
In comparison  (Robert-Wadlow’s-Thighbone) was far from thirty six inches in length. Micah Ewers is undoubtedly the greatest “Giant-Researcher” in the world. It was myself and his work that forced the “Giant-Craze” back in 2010. Every giant researcher, hunter, writer, and film enthusiast gobbled up our work as we gave it away freely. Many cashed in with books and documentaries and other published works. So let me say that, there is no-one more accurate when it comes to calculating height based on the length of femurs.
Hopefully more information will come forward about this find, and its exact location. We need to know the county, and where or who ended up with this giant thighbone.
“Similarly, the Guinness Book of World Records 1990 listed the estimated length of Robert Wadlow’s femur as 29.5 inches (75 cm). Wadlow stood 8 ft 11.1 inches tall in life.” ~Micah Ewers
There is a mystery to this article, possibly a Minnesota native referred to as “Lengthy’s in July of 1860. If you have any idea of who is “Lengthy”, then contact us by commenting on this article.
Chris L Lesley / Greater Ancestors World Museum

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