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5 Giants, one eleven feet tall


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During the grading of section six of
the Cazenovia and Canastota Railroad,
about twenty miles from Cardiff, the
scene of the present excitement, the
skeletons of five gigantic human be
ings were exhumed, one of them
measuring eleven feet in length. Pet
rified fish have from time to time
been found near Cardiff, and among
others a perch, quite perfect and of
good size was found by W B. Kirk,
of Syracuse. Five miles farther down
the valley, in removing a human
body some years since, from the Onon
daga valley cemetery, it was found
turned to stone. Farther north, in
the same valley, the corpse of a child.
ou being taken up, was found to be I
UU LM’IIJIZ mhtu up, was I1IUUU 10 W
petrified. The body of a man. buried I
. fT T-oor. in tl. -nmo ,,irl,hnr.
reuinelln the hoi she’refus ng o
have it reburied. For these state-
ments I am indebted to a writer iu the
Syracuse Daily Standard, who can
give names if necessary. Thus we see
that petrifaction is no uncommon
thing in the vicinity of Cardiff. Mr.
Wright, who formerly owned the
farm upon which the great discovery
was made, states that near by is a
spring that will, within a few months.
turn into solid stone any small depos
its of sand and gravel. The Onanda
ga Indians are accustomed to regale
their visitors with accounts of things
which troubled their fathers, and
among those things were the stone

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