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5 Giants, one eleven feet tall


During the grading of section six of the Cazenovia and Canastota Railroad, about twenty miles from Cardiff, the scene of the present excitement, the skeletons of five gigantic human beings were exhumed, one of them measuring eleven feet in length. Petrified fish have from time to time been found near Cardiff, and among others a perch, quite perfect and of good size, was found by W. B. Kirk, of Syracuse. Five miles farther down the valley, in removing a human body some years since, from the Onondaga valley cemetery, it was found turned to stone. Farther north, in the same valley, the corpse of a child, on being taken up, was found to be petrified. The body of a man buried four feet deep, in the same neighborhood, was also petrified. His wife, who survived him many years, had his petrified body placed in their living room and refused to have it reburied. For these statements, I am indebted to a writer in the Syracuse Daily Standard, who can give names if necessary. Thus we see that petrifaction is no uncommon thing in the vicinity of Cardiff. Mr. Wright, who formerly owned the farm upon which the great discovery was made, states that near by is a spring that will, within a few months, turn into solid stone any small deposits of sand and gravel. The Onandaga Indians are accustomed to regale their visitors with accounts of things which troubled their fathers, and among those things were the stone giants.

In this story we have not one example but multiple examples. The historical record mentions 5 Gigantic human skeletons, and one eleven feet tall. Can you imagine finding 5 giants this size today. What is going on here? There were no retractions from the newspaper, there are people mentioned by name, even the area where there were a crossing of railroads. All these details demonstrating that it was the Onandaga Indians. We need to further the exploration and investigation of this concept. Overall,  I want to create interest and draw attention to the idea of the existence of giants in the past.

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