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Albany, Race of Great Size and Strength

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Farmer Finds Graves of Ancient Race in Oregon

Albany, Ore., March 22.—A burial ground of what is pronounced to be an ancient group of mound builders has been unearthed directly across the river from Albany by Clyde Peacock, a farmer. Mr. Peacock made the discovery while plowing in a field which has been under cultivation for many years. The plowshare was caught by a rock which investigation showed was a fine specimen of mortar.

Digging further, Peacock unearthed skulls, knives, skeletons, and more mortars and pestles. An area of about 50 feet long and about 20 feet wide has been excavated to a depth of one-half to 2 feet.

J. F. Crawford, local authority on prehistoric specimens, held the theory that the skeletons were buried shortly after 500 B.C. because he said at about that time, a Buddhist priest visited this coast and after returning to China to get more missionaries, came back and taught the dwellers here. After this visit by the Buddhists, Mr. Crawford says that pestles and mortars were buried with their dead by mound builders.

Upon examining some of the best specimens of bones, Mr. Crawford declared that the race had been one of great size and strength.

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