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Dubuque Gigantic Skull

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A HUMAN skull of gigantic proportions

has been exhumed, a few miles northwest of Dubuque, Iowa, at a distance of thirty feet below the surface of the earth. The discovery was made by Mr. Hetherington while sinking a shaft in a lead drift. Of this relic of the past, the Times says:

The skull is a very large size, much larger than skulls grow nowadays, flat on the top of the head, with the sockets where the eyes once reposed in a perfect state of preservation, the features plainly marked, while the os frontis bone is an inch and a half in thickness. The teeth are all wanting, and the interior cavity was filled with coarse gravel. If the body was at all proportionate, the chap who once wore that skull could not have been less than ten feet high in his stocking feet, provided they wore stockings in those days.

To what race it belonged, how it got there, are questions with which we do not wish to deal but shall leave the public to draw their own conclusions. Mr. Hetherington now has the skull in his possession and is ready at all times to submit it to the inspection of the curious.

The historical accounts documenting human skeletons ranging from 6’4″ to 14 feet tall are fascinating and provide valuable insights into the existence of giants. These articles, published in newspapers and journals from the 1840s to the 1920s, present a unique glimpse into a topic that is often overlooked or dismissed by mainstream historians.

This particular article highlights the discovery of a human skull of gigantic proportions in Dubuque, Iowa. The skull is described as being much larger than skulls grow nowadays, with a flat top and the sockets where the eyes once reposed in a perfect state of preservation. The thickness of the os frontis bone suggests that the individual who once wore this skull could not have been less than ten feet tall in his stocking feet.

While the article does not speculate on the race or origin of the individual, it is clear that this discovery raises important questions about the existence of giants and their place in human history. The fact that the skull was found at a distance of thirty feet below the surface of the earth also suggests that this individual lived in a time long ago and may have been part of a civilization that is now lost to us.

It is important that we do not dismiss these historical accounts without further investigation. While some may view the idea of giants as fanciful or even ridiculous, the fact remains that there are numerous reports of such individuals throughout history. By exploring these reports and conducting scientific research, we may be able to shed light on this fascinating and mysterious aspect of human history.

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