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Round Lake, N. Y. 15. Prof. G. Guttenberg. Original Observations

┬áCollossal Skeleton. (a.) I was opening a mound near here and found traces of fire,- charred wood, with ashes. With this were portions of human skulls, also charred. Do similar remains exist elsewhere, from which he may infer that the Mound-Builders offered human sacrifices? One skeleton taken from this mound was seven feet eight inches in height. Is not this extraordinary? – Harold Heath. Delaware, O.

ibid. The question whether Mound Builders offered human sacrifices cannot be definitely answered. The height of skeletons found in Ohio and Illinois, measuring 5 1/4, 6 2/3, 6 3/4 feet. – Hilborne T. Cresson.

Research done by Rephaim23

A Seven feet 8 inch individual is not something to be taken lightly, In the 2014-2015 NBA Season the tallest person to play was 7 foot 5 inches Sim Bhullar. The tallest person to ever play basketball was Okayama, a Japanese basketball player who was 7′ 8″ but never played in the NBA. So ultimately this Giant skeleton was taller than anyone that ever played in the NBA. Skeletons over periods of drying out especially in organic material have the ability to lose 3 inches in overall height. So this person in life could have been 7 foot 11 inches in overall height.

~Chris L Lesley/GAWMuseum