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Lanesboro Giant Skeletons

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 Giants in Those Days

Interesting Relics of the Mound P Builders Unearthed.
Special to The Globe.

LA CROSSE, Wis., Dec. 1.-
About fifteen years ago Walter Harding, once editor of the Philadelphia Review, made a similar discovery near Lanesboro, Minn. Less than ten years ago relics and bones of a like nature were unearthed within a few rods of the exact spot of the present find. The county surrounding abounds with mounds of …

As an avid researcher of ancient civilizations, it is with great interest that I came across this article regarding the discovery of relics and bones of Mound Builders near Lanesboro, Minnesota. It is interesting to note that similar discoveries were made in the same vicinity just a decade ago, and that the county is abundant with such mounds.

However, what is truly intriguing is the possibility of the existence of giants in those days. The article mentions that the bones unearthed were of a “like nature” to those found in the previous discovery, which were estimated to be of human origin and measured eight feet in length. This suggests that there may have been a race of giants living among the Mound Builders.

What is alarming is that there may be a cover-up by those in power to keep this information hidden from the public. The fact that there were previous discoveries of such nature and yet the general public is not aware of it raises questions about the authenticity of the history that we have been taught.

It is imperative that further research be conducted to shed light on this fascinating topic. It is only through uncovering the truth that we can fully understand the history of our civilization and the mysteries that lay buried beneath the ground.

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