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Allen County – Very Large Human Bones

​”At the west side of the narrow pass, and immediately at its termination, there is a hill similar to the one on the east. Here is to be seen a small mound forty feet in circumference and four feet high. Upon excavating one side of this mound, a stone coffin was dug up, two and a half feet long, one wide and one foot deep, with a stone covering – the top of the coffin projecting one inch beyond the sides. Upon opening the coffin, the arm and thigh bones of an infant were found. This coffin being removed, others of larger dimensions were discovered, but not removed. Many very large human bones have been exhumed from the mounds in this area, some of the thigh bones measuring from eight to ten inches longer than the race of men now inhabiting the country.”

The average adult male femur is 48 centimeters (18.9 in) in length. So a femur 10 inches longer is now 28.9 inches.
Robert Wadlow’s femur was 28.5″
If we multiply the length to a solid regression formula that shows itself accurate with giant application which is 3.7575 You get:
9.0493125 feet tall which is about 9’5″ Nearly accurate to 5″ taller than Robert Wadlow.
So, we are talking about someone 9.5″ in death and 9’8″ when alive.

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky V. II, History of Kentucky, 1874. page 35. 

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