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Darke County, Skull of Remarkable Size

Skull of Remarkable Size

From indications, this township was a favorite resort for the aboriginal occupants. On the arrival of the whites, several Indian camps were found, but within a few years, they disappeared. The prarie, heretofore mentioned, was a favorite resort, having for the red man a peculiar attraction.

Old settlers affirm that a spring on the lands of Eliot Ross was a special attraction, not only to the Indian, but to troops of wild animals, on account of the purity and sweetness of its waters.

Indications show at least two Indian villages of considerable size within the present limits of the township. One of these was located on Section 10, and the other on section 3, within the years from 1876 to 1880, consist of about 1,000 specimens, most of which were found in this township, and many of which are rare. Remains of skeletons supposed suposed to have belonged to Indians, are found in abundance in many of the gravel banks, which have been opened up. One skull was found near the residence of Jesse Woods, of remarkable size.

  1. Research done by Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum
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