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Armored Giants in St Joseph


SOUND BEND, Ind. – Eight Skeletons, one of them clad in copper armor, and a hoard of rare war weapons and bits of personal adornment have been found in a mysterios mound of the farm of Grove Vosburg, near Walkerton. 
Vosburg, a 70-year old farmer, had long desired to know the secret of the mount, which according to local tradition dates back hundreds of years. Secretly excavating the pile of earth he came upon a strange burial place. 
The eight skeletons lay in circular formation, arranged like the spokes of a wheel, with skulls together. Copper breastplates, bands and other bits of armor adorned the skeleton of one man, who apparently had been of giant stature. Embedded in this skull was a beautifully chipped flint arrowhead. 
The soft earth of the mound revealed other treasures. Three pounds of ore, believed to be either silver or white gold, lie with the bones. There were corroded copper bands, which antiquarians here believe were used to bind war clubs; two pipe bowls, one of smooth black stone and the other carved with the replica of a fantastic monster, were found. 
The belief that the bones are not those of the indians, but belong to an ancient and little known race of mound builders have arisen because of the great size of the bones and the fact that skull formations are not those of Indian types. The skulls seem to have little forehead and the eye cavities are high in the head. 

Research done by Rephaim23