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Adams County – Nearly Seven Feet


Quincy, Ill.-While excavating for the upper jaw the sockets of the the erection of a huge sign for the Sterns’ company on Zimmerman Hill, Frank H. Einhaus, discovered last week the skeleton of a huge man, nearly seven feet tall, in life, which had evidently been buried away under the clay soil of the hill for several hundred years. So ancient were the bones that some of them crumbled away when exposed to the air. They were brown with age.
The peculiar thing about the skeleton is the fact that the lower jaw is very unusual. There is absolutely no sign whatever of teeth, while on the upper jaw, where the teeth should have been is perfectly solid and is shaped to a sharp edge.
In life this edge must have been of almost a razor’s geenness. That the jaw never had teeth is evidenced by the fact that there is no hole for the nerves of the teeth to pass through, such as is found plainly in

the upper jaw, and in all other skeletons.

The bones will provide an interesting anthropological study, no doubt, and may throw some light upon the ancient inhabitants of this part of the world, of which Quincy seems to
I have been a center.

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