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Dunklin County six feet eight

What is believed to be the skeleton of an iiiisually lage Indian chiew was
unearthed near Kennett by two men while diguing holes for a fence on a
farm notthwest of the Dunklin County sent. According to several men
who frw the skeleton it measured 6feet and eight inches in length, and
the size of the bones indicated thatthe man vas of a powerful physique.
The ski’eton wa.” about three feetbelow th” T.v.f.L-c. It. wr.s ff-cing
east. A brail of coarse black hairwas found undr the skull and on the
chost lava si’vrr medal, which is belle vod to , a”c boon worn by the head
of a tr;e, presumably th” Osage Indian cthe braid near the skull.hief. Two metal clasps gripped

The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald., April 05, 1918, Image 4

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