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over 2000 mummies, large and superior race

kentucky, bee springs


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Some Wonderful Discoveries
Recently Made Near Bee
Springs, Ky.
Boston, Mass., Jan. 3. Peter
Brezedine of Bee Springs, Ky., writes
here of some “wonderful paleontolo
gical discoveries made by him in that
nart of the state. He says: 4iI
explored what is known as the Hun-
of Mammoth cave. In it 1 found evi
dences ot a race of human beings of a
irreat antiauitv. Inside of the cave, I
counted over 2.000 mummed skeletons
or bodies of what must have been a
force and verv suutrior race of men. !
targe ana very superior race ot men,
evidently dating back beyond our his
tory ot Adam and the Garden of Eden
many thousand years. The bodies
are in an excellent state ot preserva
tion, and I intend to move about ten
of them at once to Boston for the ben
efit of the scientific wor.’d.”

The Sedalia weekly bazoo. (Sedalia, Mo.), 06 Jan. 1891. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <>

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