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Mesa Rica Giant

Mesa Rica Giant

The Giant Skeleton Mesa Rica

It will be removed to Las Vegas New Mexico. Mesa Rica

Don Gregario Varelaand Marcelino Martinez here gone down to El nervo. They will go onto the the Mesa Rica and endeavor to buy the skeleton of the human giant which was last week unearthed by Lucianno Quintana.


smithsonianknowledgepants on firesmithsonianThe giant would pay if brought here. The Smithsonian people would be proud of a giant of the dimensions of this one.

A leg is well preserved. I t is well preserved. It is eight feet in length. The skeleton will be on exhibition in the court house yard and anthropologists are especially invited to examine it. – Optic

Albuquerque daily citizen., Albuquerque, N.M. January 27, 1902, Page 4

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