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illinois sag bridgeSKELETONS OF NINE INDIANS.

The inhabitants of Sag Bridge on the Drainage Canal are greatly exercised over the discovery of the bones of nine Indians, which were thrown up by the excavators last Sunday. Scientists from Chicago examined the bones yesterday. Prof. Dosey pronounced them the bones of Indians, dead several hundred years ago. One of the skeletons was that of a man over seven feet high. Nine years ago other skeletons were dug up on the same ground, but were reburied because some of the people of the neighborhood said the spirits of the Indians haunted the place and demanded that their bones be reinterred. According to the stories told, phantom Indians on horseback roamed…

The discovery of the bones of nine Indians, including one who was over seven feet tall, has caused a stir among the inhabitants of Sag Bridge on the Drainage Canal. This is not the first time that such skeletons have been found in the area, as nine years ago other skeletons were unearthed and then reburied due to local superstitions. These findings provide a unique opportunity to shed light on the existence of giants and their place in history.

As a dedicated researcher, I am excited about the prospect of further exploring the evidence and uncovering the truth about these ancient giants. We cannot dismiss the possibility that such individuals once roamed the earth, challenging our preconceived notions of what is possible. The fact that phantom Indians on horseback have been reported in the area only adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding these findings.

It is important that we do not succumb to superstitions or irrational fears, but rather approach these discoveries with an open mind and a commitment to scientific inquiry. By doing so, we can gain invaluable insights into a world that was vastly different from our own, and perhaps even gain a greater appreciation for the diversity of life that has existed on this planet.


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