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Vineland Skeleton of a Human Giant

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Reinhold Swedberg of this place is now the proud owner of a giant’s skeleton. A few days ago, Mr. Swedberg dug into a large mound on his farm and was rewarded by bringing to light the skeleton of a human giant, which is thought to have belonged to the ancient race of mound builders. Mr. Swedberg intends to have it placed in the state museum collection.

Not long ago, Mr. Swedberg wrote to the managers of the World’s Fair at St. Louis regarding a Swedish Bible that has been an heirloom in his family, handed down from father to son, so that at present time, he claims it is 400 years old. He was offered $100 for the book by a New York book firm but declined to part with it.

Why not start a museum right here in Vineland?

The discovery of a 13-foot giant’s skeleton by Reinhold Swedberg is truly remarkable and exciting for the field of giant research. It is important to ensure transparency and accessibility in such discoveries, allowing scientists and the public to access and study the findings. We must handle archaeological sites with care to preserve their integrity and the valuable information they provide about our past. It is commendable that Mr. Swedberg intends to have the giant’s skeleton placed in the state museum collection. Let us continue to encourage the preservation and study of such important discoveries, however this is how all incredible finds get lost. 

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