Greater Ancestors

World Museum

Greater Humans International

Greater Humans are found throughout the world,
7-12 foot skeletons are a global phenomena.
In time there will be evidence from each country
around the world represented in a vast effort
to show that humans are indeed devolving,
shrinking in size, degenerating over time.
“We stand on the shoulders of Giants” is still true today.

Canada: ________________________________________________

200 seven to nine foot skeletons from Cayuga Canada

Haldimand County – 200 Skeletons 7 – 9 Feet

Giant Skull Provincial Park, BC

12 Foot Skeleton Victoria, British Columbia

Giant Axe-head from MANITOBA

Park-hill, Ontario Giant Skeleton

Simcoe, Ontario 8′ skeletons

Simcoe, 20 8 feet skeletons

Giant Sword displayed in Toronto

A Claymore more than 6 feet tall

Nainamo British Columbia

The Nanaimo Nephilim

Giant Human Skull Breastplate and Shield

Mcgillivray 7 feet 4 1/2 Petrified Giant

Ellensburg Human Giant

Giant’s Tomb Island

Gigantic Footprints in British Columbia 

Scientists confirm BC footprints

Happy Valley 7′ Giant

Vancouver’s Gigantic Savage


Thamesville – 9 Feet 8 Inches

Mexico: ________________________________________________ 

Mexican Mummy with an elongated skull

Valsequillo, Mexico Footprints

Giants Found in Mexico

Nayarit, Mexico, Giant Skeletons

Skeletons 10 to 12 feet Sisoguiche, Mexico.

Tapextla, a race of “gigantic size.”

Cacaxtla Mexico Skull

Cave Skeleton 8′ 11″

2 7′ mummies and an 8′ foot skeleton

12 feet seven inches, San Juan

Acambaro Giant

Yucatan Giants

Tiburon Island 10 Footer

Tiburon Island – Measuring over 6 Feet 4 Inches

Giant Found in Chihuahua

Chihuahua – Skeletons Measuring 10′ – 12′ in Length

Sonoya Race of Giants


Sonora – Giant Skeletons

Chaipas Mexico Skeletons 7 to 8 Feet

Tepic Mexico More than 10 feet

Ixtapalappa 15 foot skeleton

Durango – Remains of Very Large Size

Vera Cruz County – Skeleton of Giant

Vera Cruz – 32 Feet

State of Mexico county – Skeleton of a Giant

Sonora – 5 More Giant Skeletons

North and South Mexico Inhabited by Giants

San Juan – Skeleton 12 Feet 7 Inches

Morelos – Skeleton Measures 15 Feet in Height

Aguascalientes & Jalisco -José de Acosta

Central America: ______________________________________________

Costa Rica ________________________________________________

300 Spheres – Hurling Stones of Giants

Guatemala:   ________________________________________________

Volcan De Agus, Giant Inhabitants

Santiago de los Cabaleros – Skeletons of Very Large Stature: Giants

Honduras:   ________________________________________________

Honduras Giant Animals & 8 foot skeleton

Nicaragua:   ________________________________________________

gigantic man, with head missing, in the Chontales district

Belize: ________________________________________________

Giant footprints in a Cathedral size cave

South America: _______________________________________________

Measured a Skeleton 11′ 2″ in length.

Columbia: _______________________________________________

Cauca Department – Purace – Giant City

Venezuela: ________________________________________________

Orinoco – Giant Cannibals

Brazil: ________________________________________________

Gigantic Savages 12 Feet In Height

Patagonia:  ________________________________________________

Kap Dwa, Two headed and 12 foot tall

Patagonia, Kap Dwa,

Giant-sized Human Skeleton in Port Desire

“The Beagle” confirms giants in Patagonia

Enormous Human Craniums

Patagonia – Gigantic People

Changaimina – Dutch Explorer Jacob Le Maine

Argentina:    ______________________________________________

Tierra Del Fuego – Marvelously Large Size

Port Desire – 10 and 11 Feet Long

Paraguay:    ______________________________________________

The Other Kap Dwa, Mokoi

Peru:    ________________________________________________

Cahauchi Skull, Nazca Peru

Giant Elongated Skull found in Peru

Aymara Mummy

Punta Santa Ana Peru Giant

Chanceal Peru – Very Large Human Skulls

Puna Island – Peopled by Giants

Bolivia:  _________________________________________________

Giant Human Molar that is too big!

Tiahunacu, Enormous Race of Giants

Bolivian Giant Skull

Chili:  ________________________________________________

San Pedro De Atacama Giant Skull

Equador:   ________________________________________________

Legend given color -the Bones of Men 10′

7’3″ skeleton 2019

Santa Elena peninsula & Imbabura – Frightening Race of Giants

Tiahuanaco: ________________________________________________

 Constructed by Giants

New Guinea: ________________________________________________

Giant Kings of a Giant Race

England: ________________________________________________

England was once inhabited by only Giants,

it was a stronghold for them, then it was called “Albion.”

irish-giant_0212 foot irish petrified GIANT

Large Sized and Well formed Skulls from England

Very Strong Men from England

7′ skeleton near Stonehenge

7 foot Skeleton near Westmorland, England

Much Larger Bones in Cornwall County, England

Sheringham, Norfolk, England Giant Hand Axe

“Giants” of Antiquity found in Old Gaul

Kent, England. Giant Hand-Axe

Northumberland, England giants

Bedfordshire, England 6′ 6″ with a Massive Head

Castle Garth, Giant Jaw and foot

In excess of 10 feet, Cumberland

Founhope, 8 Foot 6 Giant

Holbeach 7 Foot 2″ Giant Skeleton

Grenoble 14 Huge Giant Skeletons

Cumberland County, in excess of 10 Feet

England? 2 Giant Human Skeletons

Surrey County – Of Unusual Stature

Cumberland County – 14 feet tall in Armor

St Paul’s Wharf – 2 Men of Gigantic Stature

Salisbury 9 feet 4 inches

East Midlands – SEVEN FEET TALL 

Warwickshire County – ten Foot Giant

London Medical College – 9′ Skeleton from America

Royal College of Surgeons – 3 Meter Skeleton

Hertfordshire – Over Seven Feet

Wales: ________________________________________________

The other Cardiff Giant


Scandanavia: ________________________________________________

9 Foot Tall Scandanavian Mummy

Netherlands: _______________________________________________

The Amsterdam Skull

Grutte Pier’s Giant Helmet

Grutte Pier’s Giant Sword

Wijerd Jelckama Giant Sword

 8’6″ – 8’9″ Giant Dutchmen

Holland: _______________________________________________

Giant Holland Skull 20″

Nicholas Kieten 13th century Giant

Denmark: _______________________________________________

Viking Super Axe

Bagsverd – Giant Skeleton Seven Feet

Sweden: _______________________________________________

Vestergothland – Giant Woman Measured Fully Seven Feet

Belgium: _______________________________________________

Antwerp A Giant’s Name

France: ________________________________________________

Glozel France Handprints

Glozel France Human Bones

Bones of Men 10 – 15 feet in height. Davenport, France

Bones of an 11.5 Foot Tall Man, France

Skulls 28-32 “. Montpellier, France

8′ 7″ skeleton Gap, France

Reims, 13 foot skeleton

Freeport, 8 seven foot skeletons

Vandancourt Bones of Giants

Tallest couple to wed

Soulutrean Giant Spearhead

7 foot Petrification

Grenoble 14 Huge Human Skeletons

Gap, 9 tombs 7′ 10″

Couze Valley Large Skull

lle-de-France Andresy – Giant Man

lle-de-France – Sorbonne – 7 Foot Skeletons

Albertville France – Giant Skeletons Unearthed

Les Eyzies – Huge Skeleton

Périgueux – Superiority of Stature 

Paris Catacombs – Superiority of Developement

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – Menton – A Giant Man

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur -Man (7’9″) Woman (6’3″) 1892

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – (6’5″)1883

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – Seven Feet Nine Inches

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – GIANT MEN UNEARTHED

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – Coffins, Skeletons of Gigantic Size

Castelneu, Herault – Double Ordinary Size



Normandy – Human Nine Feet Long

Dauphine – Human Skeletons 25 Feet Long, (Jan. 11, 1613)


Grimaldi Man

Maximinus Thrax 8′ 6″ in Height

Bones of an 8′ Tall Giant. Lombardy, Italy

12 foot Italian Giant

7 foot nine inch skeleton

7 foot giants Mentone Italy

Burma Grande Femurs

Recent Roman Giant

The Isle of Monte Cristo Giants

Pecetto Hill Seven Skeletons Seven Feet Tall

Mentone – Tall Man

12 skeletons 6’4″ to 7’+

Monterotundo – Skeletons of Unusual Size

Lazio County – Giants of Unusual Size

Hertfordshire – six foot nine

Sicily: ________________________________________________

Girgenti Sicily 10’6″ Giant

The Palermo Giant

Sardinia: ________________________________________________

Sardinia Farmer’s Giant Tooth

8 foot skeletons Sardinia

Giant Teeth Sardinia

Giant’s Jawbone Sardinia

Spain: ________________________________________________

Thumbs Twice the length of a Modern Workman

Spain, Giant Shoeprint

Giant Hand Axes from Spain

Giant of Altzo

Germany:  ________________________________________________

Munich, Germans were Giants

9 Feet Tall. Rhineland, Germany. 1987

Giant’s Armor from Reichsburg and London

The Breitenwinner Caves???

Elongated Skull, Germany

8 foot suit of armor

Prerau Giant Jaw and Thigh Bone

Neustadt Prehistoric Giant Bone

7 Feet Tall (March 24 2022)

Schleswig-Holstein – Giant’s Grave

North Rhine Westphalia – Ancient Giant’s Tombs

Austria: _________________________________________

Mittendorf Giant Skeletons

Innsbruck Armored Giant

Mittendorf – Many 6 Feet 7 Skeletons

Norway: ______________________________________________________


Israel: ________________________________________________

Goliath 1063 B.C.


Giant Skeleton on Cave, Athlit

8 Mount Caramel Giants

Greece: ________________________________________________

The Body of Theseus 10 and One half Feet Long

Arabia: ________________________________________________

Gabara (41-54 AD) Nine Feet Nine Inches

Iran:  ________________________________________________

Elongated Skull From Iran

Iraq:  ________________________________________________

10 Foot Giants of Kalar

Africa: ________________________________________________

The GIANTS of Sierra Leone!!!

The Boskop Skull

Giant African Sword or Spear

Broken Hill, Zambia – A Robust Giant’s Tibia

Nigeria Cyclopic Giants

Rhodesia: ________________________________________________

Bugawayo – Giant Human Footprint

South Africa ________________________________________________

Femur of an 8 foot Giant, Heidelburg Man, South Africa

The Largest HUMAN Footprint

South Africa Giant/Human comparison

Botswana Giant Hand Axes

Swartkrans, Giant ape or Giant Man?

10 foot Skeleton Johannesburg

Giant Skeleton Found

Boskop Giant’s Skullcap 

Limpopo Ancient Giant Footprint

Orange Free State – Men of Gigantic Size

Limpopo – Giant Man vs Giant Buffalo

Congo ________________________________________________

Negro Giants Cave of Sickness

Ethiopia ________________________________________________

The Giant Face of BODO

Ireland  ________________________________________________

10 foot high skeleton

10 Foot Giant Irish Skeleton

12′ Foot Petrified Irish Giant

12 Foot 2 Inch Petrified Giant

Who could have wielded a 64 pound hammer?

Slieve Mor, Ireland Giants

Dysarth Louth 3 10′ Giants

Huge Skeletons at Four Knocks

Island of Hibernia

Crusader Mummy

Nenagh Gigantic Skeleton

Leixlip 10 Footer

Four Knocks Irish Giants in Graveyard


Galway County – World’s News, 1910.

Jutish Giants of Ireland

Roscommon County Ireland – 10 Feet Tall

Turkey   ________________________________________________

Giant Turkish Jaws

Giant Turkish Thumb bone near Ararat

47″ Human Femur From Turkey

Georgia:    ________________________________________________

8 foot tall Giant. Borjomi, Georgia, 2008

Giant Human Remains found in Georgia

Malta:    ________________________________________________

Giant Skulls of Malta

China:   ________________________________________________

Giant Teenage Caveman Discovered in China

 500 Peking Giants 15 Feet Tall

Giants are Facts

Giant Teeth from Java

Giant Jaw from Java

Chang the Giant

The “road to Man” raises 9 feet

*Huge mummies in the Valley of the Giants

Giant Footpint in Ghizhou

3 Giants 8 Feet High in China

Mongolia:  ________________________________________________

Mongolian Elongated Skull

Japan: ________________________________________________

The Giant Samurai’s Sword

The Two Largest Swords Norimitsu Odachi & Haja-no-Ontachi

Great Height Early Japanese

8 Foot Mummy From Japan

Japanese 8 Foot Mummy

Giants used as Pillars to a Great Fortress

Osaka – Skeletons Stand 7 Feet High

Malaysia:  ________________________________________________

Giant Footprint in Penang, Malaysia

Large Malaysian Skulls

Phillipines:  ________________________________________________

Giant Footprint from Manilla

Sri Lanka:  ________________________________________________

Island of Ceylon Giant Footprint

Russia:  ________________________________________________

Machnaw 9’3″ Age 24, 1905

33″ legbone from Skeleton

Laptey Sea Giant

The Pyatigorsk skull

9′ Giant Charkow, Russia

Loushkin, A Giant from Russia


Russian Elongated Skull

Old Giants found in Russia

North Russia Skeletons Nearly 10 feet tall

Hannibal,  A Negro of Gigantic Stature

Ukraine:  ________________________________________________

Crimea – Unbelievable Giant Race

Crimea 7 1/2 foot Giants in Tomb 02/26/2022

Armenia:  ________________________________________________

Armenia Modern Giant Find

Romania:  ________________________________________________

Goliath – The Giant of Santa Mare

Kazakhstan:  ________________________________________________

Aktobe Region – Two meter men

Bulgaria:  ________________________________________________

Varna Giant 2015

Syria:  ________________________________________________

Giant’s Tools from Morocco

Greenland:   ________________________________________________

9 Feet Tall in Greenland 

Race of Giants in Greenland 7, 8, 9′ tall

East Coast of Greenland – SEVEN FEET TALL

Easter Island: ________________________________________________

Easter Island Giant Skulls

Its Inhabitants Averaging 12 Feet (1722)

Easter Island – Men 12 Feet in Height

New Zealand:  ________________________________________________

Timaru Herald from New Zealand 1875 reports of giant remains

Giant Maori Axes

7 foot Cannibals of Maori

18″ skull, from 11′ Arawa Warrior

Ngati Rangatihi Giant finger bones

An Eight Foot Chieftain

Whangaros 7 Footers

Coromandel Peninsula 12 Foot skeletons

Tawara: ________________________________________________

Giant 6 toed Footprints

Rotuma: ________________________________________________

12 Foot Skeletons 1927

Thirty six inch Shin Bone

Kiribati: ________________________________________________

Giant Human footprints 36″

Canary Islands: ________________________________________________

Gigantic in Stature – The Guanches

Pitcairn Islands: ________________________________________________

Captain Beachy – Skulls of Unusual Size

Crete: ________________________________________________

Phaistos Disc and Arkalochori Axe . . . . Nephilim Language?

Troy: ________________________________________________

The Giant bones of Ajax

Fiji: ________________________________________________

Fiji museum finds footprint artifact

Guam : ________________________________________________

Kauai and Guam – Race of Giants

Finland: ________________________________________________

The Stone Age ruins of Kestelli, “The Giant’s Church”.

Giant Mummy 9 Feet Tall, 1894

Belgium: ________________________________________________

Belgium Elongated Skull

Switzerland: ________________________________________________

By Far the Largest Hatchet Discovered in Switzerland

Czech Republic:_____________________________________________

Moravia, Gigantic Humans with Mammoths

Denmark: ________________________________________________

Giant Skull from Denmark

Egypt:  ________________________________________________

Giant Egyptian Mummy

The Giza Mulhern Giant

Akhenaten’s Elongated Skull

Tuthmosis III’s Elongated Skull

Tutanhkamun’s Elongated Skull

Meritaten’s Elongated Skull#1

Mekataten’s Elongated Skull#2

 Ankhesenpaaten #3

Setepenre #4

Neferneferure  #5

Neferneferuaten Tasherit #6

Smenkhkare’s Elongated Skull

Slaughterhouse Basins

Giant Mummified Finger

Skeletons 7’8″ to 11’1″ foot Najar Djfard

Asia:  ________________________________________________

Greater Women/Amazon Warriors

Austrailia:  ________________________________________________

Giant Hominid Molar, Rex Gilroy

Botany Bay, 9 foot 7, ALIVE!

Kow Swamp Skull (1)

Kow Swamp Skull (5)

Kow Swamp Skull (14)

Coobool Creek Skulls

Arnheim Land, Australia Giant Footprints

Hindmarsh, 7 foot Aborigine skeleton

Chedley Park Station 8′ 6

Glen Innes axe of Great Size

Blackfellow’s Well Over Seven Feet

Black Giant of Wooroowoolgen Station 

Port Broughton 7 foot Aborigine

Port George 4th, 100’s of 7 footers

Gigantic Blacks a 7 foot tribe

Daintree Aboriginal Amazons

Menenegie Gigantic Skull

Talgai Station Largest human Canine 

Ashburnham County Giants’ Footprint

Mungo Man Taller than Reported

Port Broughton – Seven Foot Skeleton

Tasmania:  ________________________________________________

The Giant of 22nd Street

India:  ________________________________________________

Jalpaiaguri Giant Footprints

Maharashtra state – Skeleton of a Huge Giant

Jubbulpore District – 31 1/2 foot

Pakistan: ________________________________________________