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Sisoguichie, Chihuahua 12 Foot Skeletons

Giant Human Skeletons 12 Feet Long

Mexico City, June 21—Giant human skeletons…measuring from 10 to 12 feet have been discovered by prospecting miners in a new gold and silver district in the mountains of the State of Chihuahua, according to members of the party who arrived here today.

The miners say they found a group of these skeletons intact in a hidden cave. The feet measured from 18 to 20 inches. (A male with a U.S shoe size of 13 has approximately a 12 inch foot). The government anthropology department plans to send a commission to investigate the discovery.

It is felt that the find may clear up the present doubtful origin of the Chihuahua Indians.

The discovery was made near the village of Sisoguichie. The skeletons were in a sitting position, the shoulders and arms bending forward and resting on the upraised knees. In this position they measured,from the top of the skull to the ground, from five to six feet.

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