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Royal College of Surgeons – 3 Meter Skeleton

Nine Feet Giant.

A London museum of which the average Londoner knows little – the ordinary sightseer is not welcomed there – is that of the Royal College of Surgeons in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, where some most interesting exhibits have arrived in the last twelve months.

A table laden with jawbones shows clearly how either horses or kangaroos may have toothache very badly. There are examples of surgery as practiced by New Ireland natives, with banana fiber bandages, all complete relics of Anglo-Saxons: object lessons in the construction of ring-tailed lemurs, three-toed sloths, Mexican crocodiles, giraffes, blesboks, frogs, and seals, while an exhibition of the brain of the Australian mudfish shows that this creature is much more intelligent than one would suspect.

Looking down on the medley, arrogant in his completeness and superfluous feet of stature, is the skeleton of an American giant who was about three yards high when he was alive. From his special pedestal by the wall, near the doorway, he has witnessed many strange arrivals at the college, but nothing so awe-inspiring as himself.

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