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Mungo Man Taller than Reported

“Mungo Man” is the remains of a 196 cm tall (6’5) skeleton that is the oldest human skeleton found in Australia. Mungo Man was sprinkled with ochre, hands posed on his lap, and buried on his back.


The femurs appear to be dramatically shortened, which is very uncharacteristic of anyone 6’5″ today. Most of our height is in our thigh/femur bone length.

If you take a good look at the sedimentation, the in situ skeleton you can see that the sand is smoother flatter softer at the lower part of the skeleton, (From the hip and elbow down) giving a “filtered look”.


The pieces of bone in the knee look more like pieces of porcelain they differ in shade and sheen than the rest of the skeleton.


Also the head looks lower in relation to the upper arms.

All of these make me question the the actual length, these strange occurances make me question the measurements, was Mungo Man much taller than is being reported?


The height given is 6’5″ which s towards the low end of giant-status. As we know skeletons are porous and they shrink when died out about 3 inches in overall height, which would make Mungo Man 6’8″, but when considering these other discrepancies I think he may have been taller.

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