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The Nanaimo Nephilim

The trip to Departure Bay Nanaimo from the Ferry-Boat.

I was staying in Richmond, British Columbia and working in Vancouver BC.

This is the area just above Seattle Washington in the Southwest corner of Canada.

Four contractors come into the Country to work at IKEA. If you do not know what an IKEA is i have to ask, where have you been? IKEA is a Swedish furniture warehouse store, imagine 3 Walmarts stacked on top of each other painted royal-blue and mustard yellow trim. No, they do not stand out at all .>


A construction team of 4 go in and set up an indoor theme park in 10 days. The indoor play area is called “Smaland”.

Upon finding out that we were delayed and had a free-day i decided to go on a risky adventure.

Mapping out the time schedules of 2 trains, 2 buses, a ferry, and a a car-ride which took a greater portion of the day i almost abandoned the task.

I woke up that morning at 4am and got my tickets and caught the first train and on and on. I knew that if i made one mistake i would be calling one very happy cab driver to get home. Timing everything down to the minute meant that i would be catching the last train running, that ran back to my hotel.

later that morning i arrived at the ferry, a 28 mile trip at 8mph. It looked as if we were standing still.

I saw the most beautiful scenery giant white capped mountains in every direction, unlike any place i have ever been.

I had contacted a Creationist to meet me at the other side, his name is Ron Postey, who lives in the Nanaimo area. We then drove to the park where a sign directed us to an area where there were some petraglyphs, and a vistors sign. We followed the path to some concrete replicas on the ground.


.> We then hopped the fence and followed a pathway that led us to the originals. I had came with measuring devices, camera, and cleaning equipment for the petroglyphs.


The Sea Wolves

The first item of interest were petroglyphs of creatures called “Sea Wolves”.

Many people say they are representations of Seals and otters.

Others say they are Iguanas a creature that does not live in the area.

It was obvious to me that what we were looking at were an aquatic reptile similar to a Mosasaur.

These “Nanaimo Mosasaurs” are but one more piece of the puzzle showing mankind’s coexistence with dinosaurs, or what i like to call “greater reptiles”.


On a different path not too far away was an image of a humanoid. Myself being a devolutionists i recognized certain characteristics of greater longevity and greater maturity. The nose was long, and the ears were too, there were distinct lines indicating the person had a large brow.


These types of characteristics show that this person was of a great age, as the Bible records people like Adam who lived 930 years, and Methuselah living 969 years. I could attribute this creature to being a “greater ancestor” of mankind. I would be happy enough to show these characteristics of maturity as an asset or greater ancestry, where archaeology verifies anthropology. This was not a human in the sense that you and i are human. This was a Nephilim.


The Nanaimo Nephilim

This creature, this Nanaimo Nephilim has characteristics of great maturity but also had 12 FINGERS!


At some point a person drawing the creatures in his surroundings depicted several mosasaurs and a Nephilim.

In Nanaimo some 7 foot skeletons have been found.

Close by in another town other 7 foot skeletons were found. (PHOTOS AVAILABLE)

Inside the same Province of  British Columbia 12 foot skeletons were also found.

I will go more into the local history and customs of giants in this area in the future, but i hope you enjoy the research from my adventure.


I arrived back to the hotel on the last bus of the night around 8:30 pm.

Chris L Lesley