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new zealand whangaros AUCKLAND, Friday – A huge cavern, believed to have been the habitation of ancient people, has been discovered at Whanarog. It is 40 feet high and 50 feet wide. Remains of the past inhabitants protruded through the deep dust, the bones of humans, dogs, and birds were intermingled, as well as those of moas. Several skeletons had reddish, fuzzy hair adhering to the skull, leading to doubt whether they were Maoris. The skeletons were of huge dimensions. One man is estimated to have stood nearly seven feet high. The inhabitants apparently lived in captivity in the cave. The cooking and sleeping places were fairly intact. The discoverers say that the cave is positively not a burial cave. The Sydney Morning Herald – Oct 13, 1934
BONES OF GIANT MEN FOUND IN CAVE: DISCOVERY IN NEW ZEALAND Human Skeleton 7 Feet High AUCKLAND (N.Z.), Friday. – A huge cavern which was apparently inhabited by human beings in ancient times has been discovered at Whangaroa. The cave is about 40ft. in height and 50ft. in width. Deep in the dust on the floor are the bones of human beings, fish, and birds, mingled with strange bones, possibly of moas. Several of the skeletons have reddish, “fuzzy” hair adhering to the skulls, raising doubts whether they are those of Maoris. The skeletons are huge. That of one man, it is estimated, is almost 7ft. in height. The inhabitants of the cave apparently lived in captivity. Their cooking and sleeping places are fairly intact. The discoverers say positively that it is not a burial cave.
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