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10 foot high skeleton

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jun 28, 191410 foot high skeleton

A Giant’s Skeleton

An interesting discovery was recently made In Ireland. During the course of some excavating work two men unearthed three human skeletons.

One was entire and measured eighteen inches from the crown of the head to the chin. The leg bones are abnormally large and altogether the skeleton appeared to be that of a person ten feet high. The teeth were large, and the remains are supposed to date from a prehistoric age.

The Milwaukee Sentinel – Jun 28, 1914

Different measurements were given which help to verify that there was not a measuring mistake.

  1. The crown of the head to the chin measured 18 inches
  2. the skeleton measured 10 feet in height
  3. The bones were abnormally large
  4. and the teeth were also large

So we can rule out that this was a normal size individual, the terms “human” and “person” should leave out any doubt that this skeleton was anything else but human.

Another confirmation is the ability to cross reference three skeletons. This would weed out the possibility for mistaking the identity.

Robert Wadlow is not the tallest man. These three individuals towered more than a foot above the man with a pituitary malfunction. Wadlow is a “false-positive”, he cannot be used as a measure of height along with three healthy individuals whose genetics have set their height at 10 feet tall. If Wadlow had been healthy he would have been 6 feet tall, and if these three individuals had Wadlow’s pituitary malfunction they would have been 13 – 16 feet tall. We know that these individuals did NOT have a pituitary malfunction, for one giantism is extremely rare, too rare for three individuals in any immediate proximity at any one given time.