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The other Cardiff Giant

When the old church was pulled down, a stone coffin containing a huge skeleton was found. This coffin, strangely enough, was built into the foundation. The skeleton was supposed to be that of a giant—one of three brothers, who are said to have built the Three Brothers Wall at Cardiff without scaffolding. The inscription over the coffin has been deciphered by the rector as “To the memory of Athravan, the son of Saxon, brother of Tydfil.”
In the chancel, there is a mural tablet erected by Penry Williams, the celebrated Merthyr-born painter, in grateful memory of his “dearly beloved parents and his dutiful affectionate brother and sisters,” and other members of the family. There is a similar tablet to the memory of John Guest, of Dowlais ironworks, in this parish, who departed this life November 25th, 1737, aged 69 years; also of Jessamine and Thomas Guest.

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