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12 feet seven inches, San Juan

In a mound near San Juan, Mex., there has just been unearthed the skeleton of a giant man, who evidently belonged to a prehistoric race. The length of the skeleton is 12 feet 7 inches.

Twelve footers are somewhat uncommon and yet common enough. From Veroman to the Brunswick Giant twelve footers are just a few of the examples.

The Clark County 12 footer

Ashley 12 Foot Stone Man

12 Foot Irish Petrified Giant

Jafferson 12 Foot Giant

Winnsboro 12 foot giants

These are the most ancient of ancestors. These were some of the first greater ancestors, and the further back in time you go the larger the examples. These giants are humans of peak optimum efficiency, they are the closest to the original design. The twelve footers are more mature, they reach a more maximum level of maturity. They are closer to the original programming, closer to perfection.

12 feet seven inches, San Juan

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