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Giant’s Jawbone Sardinia

Giant Human Jawbone, 2 femurs and a giant tooth.

the giant in Sardinia: a hidden truth. Photo of a giant’s jaw found during excavations at Sardara. From the book of Dante Casti “Sardara the cult of the waters.












Excavation site in Sardara close to Pauli Arbatei (Sardegna): we can still see 2 femurs long 1 meter and 70 cm (total body height is 6 meters and 30 cm!!!!)










On the site of Sant’Anastasia, in Sardara, a few kiloetri from Pauli Arbarei, numerous bones surfaced with dimensions greater than normal, about 170 cm, then mysteriously disappeared. The femur of a man is about i; 26% of its height, so a 170 cm femur corresponds to a giant of 6.30 meters in height.











Luigi Muscas, shows a gigantic retrovato tooth in the area of Pauli Arbarei. Formerly, it maintains Muscas, I saw if I found the capital of the kingdom of the giants.

Brought to you by Ricky Toro from Real Giants website.


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