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Sayopa Race of Giants

Discover Remaind of Unknown Giant Race

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1930.11.30 – The Telegraph-Herald

Find Skeletons of Giant Race in Sonora, Mexico


1930.12.01 – Lawrence Journal-World

Remains of Giants Found in Mexico

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1930.12.03 – The Pittsburgh Press

Bones of Men 8 Feet Tall Reported Found in Mexico

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1930.12.04 – The Pittsburgh Press

Superstitious Natives Destroy Relics of Prehistoric Supermen

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1930.12.04 – The Border Cities Star

Expedition Planned to Study Skeletons

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1930.12.05 – Berkeley Daily Gazette

Scientists Seek Bones of Giant Men in Mexico

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1930.12.08 – The Newburgh New

Mexico Aids Group Seeking Giant Races

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1930.12.10 – Berkeley Daily Gazette

1930.12.11 – Greensburg Daily Tribune

1930.12.11 – The Telegraph Herald

1930.12.12 – The Buckingham Post

1930.12.13 – St. Joseph News-Press

1930.12.15 – The Pittsburgh Press


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