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Hertfordshire – Over Seven Feet


Skeleton Dug Up in England.

The skeleton of a giant of 2000 years ago has been unearthed in a field at Baldock, Hertfordshire (England). Antiquaries – members of the Letchworth Antiquarian Society – estimated that the man must have been over seven feet high.

A little crowd looked down from behind the guarding ropes almost in reverence at the remains of the giant who has been disturbed after nearly 2000 years. The skeleton is in perfect condition. It has a magnificent set of teeth, with only one missing. There is a gash in the side of the head, and the skeleton is lying with the legs and one arm drawn up.

Did he fall in battle and die where he has now been unearthed? Was he thrown into a hasty grave? His story will never be known.

  1. The Australian Worker Sydney, NSW 1913 – 1950 Wed 28 Dec 1932

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