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“The road to Man” ups to 9 feet

“The road to Man” ups to 9 feet

A Comparison of the four feet high 40 unit skulled Pithrocanthropus Erectus, Man’s ancestor: in the centre is the gigantis nine feet high, 100 Unit Skulled Neanderthal Man, Who Evolved from him during a quarter of a million years; Last, Modern Man, Average Six Feet and Head 75 as Against the Neanderthal’s 100 Size. road to man

The Washington times., August 31, 1919, FINAL EDITION, The American Weekly Section, Image 18 road to man

Nine feet high humans and apes are recorded and documented well. While You can see the most accurate Gigantopithecus Blacki skull ever replicated is at the Greater Ancestors World Museum on display. Gigantopithecus Blacki is gorilla only, its greater ancestor. The java skull is evidence of giant Chimpanzees, and just in case you still think Robert Wadlow is the largest man that ever lived here is a couple of videos:

100 Ancients Bigger than Robert Wadlow

Another 100 Ancients Bigger than Robert Wadlow

Researched by Chris L Lesley