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10 Skeleton Johannesburg

10 Skeleton Johannesburg

Find Skeleton of Man 10 Feet Tall

Joannesberg, South Africa – The skeleton of a man who was 10 feet tall when alive was dug up 10 miles from here. It is thought that the man was a Kaffir. Some of these grow to great heights, but never has one been seen so tall, or a skeleton of such height been found.

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Gigantism is a disease caused by a pituitary tumor which is extremely rare that can result in a height from 7 to 9 feet tall. In these cases the individual is so afflicted that they cannot walk by themselves and need a cane.

When there is a 10 foot individual found of healthy build, it rules out gigantism. This is the normal height of a man of his time. People were simply larger in the past. The square cube law affects static objects and every time its tested on maturing individuals the rules are broken by real life examples.

I have two youtube videos one named “100 ancients taller than Robert Wadlow”

. . . I have another video named, “Another 100 ancients taller than Robert Wadlow”

. . . In the future i plan on making a third with 9 footers and a forth with 10 footers.

~Chris L Lesley