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Thamesville – 9 Feet 8 Inches


A NEW LONDON, Conn., dispatch says:

“Clarence Bartogan, a young man from Norwich, while on an exploring expedition over the great gravel plateau at Thamesville, on the western bank of the Thames River, found the skeleton of an Indian giant 9ft 8in in height. It was in a sitting posture facing the east, and was in the side of a deep gully which had been washed out by the recent continuous rains. The bones were as white as ivory, but when the skeleton was exposed to view it began crumbling speedily. The teeth were sound, showing that the subject was in the prime of life when buried, and there was a cleft on the right side of the apex of the skull as though the man had been tomahawked. Between the skeleton’s knees in a little receptacle in the ground was unearthed fully a half peck of Indian arrow and lance heads of stone, finely cut and perfectly preserved. Some of these were of large size and of a dark stone unknown in the Eastern States. There was also a stone pestle such as was used by Indians in crushing grain for ‘yokeag,’ and a fragment of stone hollowed out as though for a dish.”

The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 – 1947) Fri 15 Nov 1889 Page 3  THE SKELETON OF A GIANT INDIAN.

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