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Human Molar is too big

Klaus Dona takes active steps to establish the presence of ancient giants in the past. show has already among the exhibits fragments of human bones of extraordinary size, indicating the existence of men about 9 feet tall. His research is carried out in Bolivia, where he has contacts with some guardians of tradition that have idicato the burial place of giants intact and that the Austrian researcher plans to dig. Meanwhile he received as evidence of a molar enormous size (pictured), about 12 cm in length, including the root, although incomplete, some dentists have already been identified as a human but “too big to be.” The photos seen on this page are the first in the world to be published. His contacts in Bolivia, in search of ancient giants, they put him in contact with the heirs of Padre Vaca, who have provided a yellowish liquid that claimed it was the priest of the famous “PITO”, the liquid according to the legends Incas employed to dissolve the rocks. Dona is making it analyze some samples.
Photos by © Adriano Forgione.

This is a great photo with a measuring device in the picture so an artistic-replica is possible. If i can get a few more photos of this picture a lifesize replica will be made available at the Greater Ancestors World Museum.

Chris L Lesley/GAWM