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A-H Alabama to Hawaii

A-H Alabama to Hawaii

greater humans. A quote by Abraham Lincoln, 1848 greater humans.

Archives of Anthropology: greater humans


Tuskaloosa Black Warrior

Tuscaloosa County Over 6 feet

Hale County Alabama 7 Foot 6

Hale County Giants among them

Etowah County Alabama, Giant Skeletons

Colbert County, Shell Heap Skulls

Cherokee County Shell Heap Skulls

Calhoun County, 62″ thighbone

A Stone Skeleton of a Giant Found

Hale County Giants 6 Ft or more

Nine Feet Nine Inches 

Choctaw County – A Truly Giant Stone tool


Giant Shoeprint Trail

7′ Skeletons of Giants In Alaska

Skeletons of Giants Found in Alaska

Grave of a 7′ foot Giant Aleutian

The Highest Humanity. Aleutians, Alaska

Atta Alaska’s Superior Race

Giant Aleut, The island of Architka

Island of Shemya

Aleutia, Biggest Head in America

Nooatoks, a Giant race

Kenai Pennensula – Several more than 9 feet tall


Apache County, 18-20″ Triassic Shoeprints

Yavapai County 9 to 10 feet tall

Prescott, Yavapai, Giant Skeleton



Santa Cruz County, (between 10 – 14 feet tall)

Juniper, Skeletons twice the size!

Cococino County,  Giant skeleton

Cococino County 17 foot Skeleton

Cococino County Footprints Indicating 10 to 11 footer

Cococino County – Race of Giants

Pima County,  Twice the Stature

A Human Monster Maricopa County

A Race of Giants, Sycamore Creek

8 foot 4 1/8 Nogales County

A Giants Tread

Pima County Race of Giants

Twenty Inch Human Footprints

Indian Cemeteries, nine footers

Maricopa County, Citizen Giant

Greenlee County, 12 Feet High

Cochise County, Race of Giants

Gila County, More than 6 feet

Gila County – Mighty Feet

Mohave County Prehistoric Human Giant

Yavapai County – six foot six skeleton

Yavapai County, 9 foot skeleton

Yavapai County Giant Mummy

Yavapai County Giant Tracks

Yavapai County – 18″  Chin to The Top of Skull

Yavapai County – Titanic Monsters

Maricopa County, Bones of a Giant

Maricopa County – Extreme Sized Skeleton

6’6″ in Death, Arizona

Yuma Arizona – Giant Indian


Giant Footprints in Arkansas

Ancient Giants Unearthed in Arkansas Burial Mound


Arkansas County 8-10 foot skeletons

Arkadelphia 7 foot Skeletons

Croles Ridge Wild Giant

Walnut Ridge Gigantic Human Beings

Giant Skeletons Ozark Mountains

Hempstead County, Prehistoric Giant

Ouachita County, Over Seven Feet

Pulaski County, Giant Armored Skeleton

Clark County – Primitive Giants 7 Ft High

Arkansas County – A Giant Race 8 and 10 Feet Tall

Arkansas County – Thighbone Fully 3 Feet Long

Mississippi County – 8 or 9 Feet in Height


The San Diego Giant

Alameda County – 6 Large Skeletons from Mound

Alameda County – Skeleton Of a Man At Least 8 Ft Tall

Alameda County – Find’s Giant’s Bones in Mound

Alameda to Santa Clara, Mound Builder Walls

San Diego Giant, 8’4

Fred Rawson’s Mummy

9 Foot Mummy

The Fresno Giant 6′ 4 1/2″

Calusa County – Jawbone of a Giant

Cantua Canyon Mummy stolen

Cantua 7 footer buried

Fresno, A Petrified Woman

The Yosemite Mummies

7 foot Skeleton Stockton California

Santa Barbara County – 7′ 4 “Skeleton 

Sweetwater Valley Giant Fossilized Foot

Skulls Twice a Great. . . Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara County – Massive Jaws

Gigantic Jawbones from the Channel Islands

The Martindale Mummies

Santa Catalina Giant Skull

Catalina Island Gigantic Skull

Hundreds of Giant Skulls, Catalina

Catalina Island, California, Giants 3-6 x Larger

Catalina Island, 9’2″ skeletons

Catalina Island – Examining Giant teeth

7′ Giant with spear, Temple of Chinigchinich

San Nicholas Giants

Santa Monica 14 nine’ Skeletons

Bridlevale Falls Mummy

Contra Costa County, More than 7 feet tall

Contra Costa County – Giant Indian measured over 7 Feet

Contra Costa – 7 Feet 4 Inches Tall

Santa Rosa Giant Skeletons

3x larger finger bones San Hose

Ukiah California Giant found

San Francisco Peninsula Giants

San Francisco, eight 7 footers

San Francisco, Stanford Professor Tells of Giants

San Fransisco – A Large Indian

Santa Cruz 4 Giants, 8 feet tall

Jaffersonville 12 foot giant

Giant Tooth from Scotts Valley

Siskiyou County – More than 10 Feet

Stanford 6′ 9″ petrification

Cantua Canyon 7 Foot Petrification

West Berkeley Giants

Malibu Canyon 14 skeletons 7 to 8 feet

Marin County Megaliths of Giants

San Bernardino six Giants

San Pedro Skeleton of Unusual Stature

San Clemente 6.5 and 7 Foot Giants

San Leandro Eight Footer

Marin County – Over 7 Feet

Martinez Skeletons More than Seven Feet

San Joaquin Valley Race of Giant Men

Giants Graves in California

Giant Humans in California

San Jose Finger Bones x3

Tombed Giant Man at Pine Ridge

Kern County 7′ Race of Giants

Shasta County – TWICE THE SIZE

Inyo County – 8-9 Foot Mummies

Los Angelos County- Seven Feet in Height

Los Angeles County – Malibu – Eight Feet Tall

Santa Cruz County – Over Eight Feet Tall

Calaveras County – Large Human Bones

Calaveras County – Larger than Average Man

San Bernardino County – 9 Foot Mummies

San Leandro County at Least Eight Feet Tall

Kern County – 7 Feet 5 and a Half Inches

Santa Clara County – Giant Skeletons

Santa Clara County – Race of Giants

Sutter County, Mound Builder City

Imperial County – Huge Human Skull – Thigh Bones Very Large

El Dorado County, Immense Jawbone, Arms of A Giant

San Clemete, San Nicholas, San Catalina – Giants

San Clemente – Immense Skeletons

Ventura County – Rancho Cunajo Pit – 7 Foot Giant

Colorado: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Colorado River Giants

Puebloans confounded by Giant ancient ‘man’

“Colorado Mummy”

Colorado Mummy, examined by skeptics

30 inch human femur found on farm

12 ft Petrified Colorado Giant

Grand Canyon Humans 11 Feet Tall

Several 8 or 9 Foot Mummies taken from Cave

22 Inch Footprints of Giants

Summit County, Nine Footer

El Paso County – A Giant Indian and a Horse

Colorado SE / NM – Giantess 7 1/2 feet 

Weld County – Indian Boy Nine Feet Tall


Hartford County – The skeleton giant

Hartford County Giant Skeleton 1901

Hartford County, Extraordinary size 1865

Skeleton over 7 feet, Hartford

Hartford County, giant proportions

An 8′ Giant. Fairfield County

Bridgeport, Connecticut. Great Strength and Huge Teeth

Bridgeport Connecticut, Skeletons of Great Strength

Shelton 6 foot 8 inch skeleton

The Giantess of Pine Island Cemetery

An 8′ Skeleton New Haven, Connecticut

An 8′ Petrified Giant. New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven County near eight feet

New Haven – Nearly 7 Feet In Height

New London County Gigantic Indian

Windham County, of Great Size

Litchfield County – Massive Bones and Great Teeth

Litchfield County – An Enormous Skeleton

South-Eastern Colorado – Giantess 7 1/2 Feet Tall

Delaware: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Delaware Indians speak of Giants

Iroquois speak of Cannibal Giants 

Sussex County, 7 foot Giants

Florida: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Giant Skulls of Okeechobee bobbing like Pumpkins

Sarasota County Indians 7 Ft Tall

Supersized Indians in South Florida

96 Skeletons, a Giant Race

The Windover Pond Giants

Giant Skull from Florida found

Giant Archers in Florida

Amelia Island Giant Stone Axe

Amelia Island Seven foot skeletons

Amelia Island Skulls with two rows of teeth

HUGE skeleton found in Florida

Boca Grande 7 foot skeletons

8 foot Giants in Miami

Vero Beach Giants, 12 Feet Tall

Giant Skeletons on Gulf Island, Tampa

Giant Skeletons in Tampa

Tampa’s Giant Indian Skeletons

Giant Indian Skeletons Tampa

Giant Indian Skeletons Uncovered in Florida

Giant Skeletons are Uncovered in Florida

Giant Tocobaga Indians

Jaffersonville 12 foot giant

Homestead 8 foot skeleton

Giant’s bones found in Silver Springs

Lost Race near Silver Springs

Seminole Bridge’s 9 foot skeletons

7 foot giants in Boynton Florida

Okefenokee Giants

John’s Pass, abnormal bones

7 footer Lee and Charlotte County

Charlotte County – Massive Jaws

Gasparilla Island – 7 Footer

A Stone Giant

A Giant Ancient Crowbar, St. Augustine

Living Giant 9′ 6″ In 1870

6-6’6″ Giants found in Magnolia Springs

Wakulla County, Twice the Size

Palm Beach County 38″ thigh bone

Palm Beach County – Very Large-Sized Indians

Martin County Jaw 8 1/2 inches

Martin County 50 Men 7 Feet

Lee County 7 Footers

Duval County 9 ft Race

Nassau County Skeletons Eight Feet

The Legend of Tomoka

Key West – Burial Ground ALL Eight Feet

Saint John’s County – Skull fragment 1/2 inch in thickness

Monroe County – Key West – Much Larger than Present Dwellers

Levy County – Measured Nine Feet

Manatee County – Perico Island – Massive Heavy-boned People

Georgia: ——————————————————————————————————————————

7′ Giants from Georgia Dunes

Giant Skeletons Found in a Georgia Indian Mound

Powerful Giants from Georgia Mounds

Glynn County – 8 and Nearly Nine Feet Tall

Brunswick Georgia 9 foot skeleton

The Golden Isles Giants

Cartersville 14 foot giants

Fort Gaines Giant Jawbone

Waycross race of giants

The Okonee and Tamatli Giants

St Simon Georgia 8 footer

Putnam County Battle Axe 300 lbs

Forsyth County Gigantic Race

Polk County – Large Human Bones

Polk County – 7 and 1/2 Feet in height

Elbert County – Enormous Stature

Charlton County – Living Fair-haired Giants

Bartow County – 7 Feet 2 Inches

Hawaii: ——————————————————————————————————————————

What were the height of the 2 hawaiian giants at olowalu maui?

Prehistoric Hawaiians 7 feet tall

3 7ft Skeletons Waimea

Half Skeleton, Unusual Size and Strength

A mention of Giant Hawaiians

Warrior on the head of a Giant

Honolulu Temples of Giants  

Oahu Giants 6 – 7 Feet in Height

Hāʻupu, Kauaʻi The Guardian Giant of the Mountain

Nunui of Kauaʻi’ and the Giant Footprints

Olowalu, Maui – 10′ and 12′ Red Haired Giants

Kauai & Guam – Bones of a Giant Race

Kauai – A Giant Avenger

Kauai – A Giant’s Rock-throwing 

The Giant Guard of Maui

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