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Martinez Skeletons More than Seven Feet

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Bones of Historic Race

Anthropologists Intensely Interested in Discovery of Indian Skeletons in California.

New indications that California was once inhabited by a race of gigantic Indians were furnished when sewer diggers on Ferry and Howard streets, in the heart of the business district of Martinez, Cal., uncovered an Indian burial ground, with skeletons measuring more than seven feet.

Several skulls and one well-preserved skeleton are to be given over to the investigators of the anthropology department of the University of California. The skulls and skeletons are declared to be of highly important and scientific value.

Discovery of the burial ground has revived an old Indian legend that an immense treasure of gold nuggets was interred with the body of a chief of the ancient tribe of the giant Indians. So convinced are the residents in the truth of this legend that great crowds have thronged around the sewer diggers, largely hampering their activities, and more than a score of persons have applied to the municipal authorities for positions on the city’s sewer-digging crew.

According to the ancient Indian legend, the vast gold treasure was buried in close proximity to where the

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