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Prehistoric Hawaiians 7 feet tall

Prehistoric Hawaiians 7 feet tall


Beneath layers of lava an coral on the Island of Hawaii have been found skeletons of prehistoric men 7 feet tall.

As a Giant researcher I always find it curious when multiple 7 foot humans are found in the same location. Statistically this is impossible. A 7 foot human is one in 2.3 million people, it is a shame that the actual quantity is not mentioned. The report of multiple 7 footers rule out acromegaly and gigantism because these occurrences are rare, resulting from a tumor. These conditions not genetic but phenotypical. In the case of multiple 7 footers what we have is healthy genetic traits in which the parents, siblings and offspring share the gift of being tall. Like most of these stories the skeletons are never heard of again. It is unfortunate that many stories like these often lack further documentation or follow-up. The fate of the discovered skeletons remains unknown, leaving us with limited information to analyze and study. Gathering more comprehensive data and investigating such findings could provide valuable insights into human genetics and history.

  1. Research done by Rephaim23