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Fred Rawson’s Mummy

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Berkeley’s Deputy Marshal Buys the Old-Time Sand Diego Giant.

Professor Huson’s Lecture on Walt Whitman- State Viticultural Commission Apparatus. Mummy.

BERKELEY. CAL., Jan. 24.-Deputy Marshall Fred Rawson has purchased the gigantic mummy, 8 feet 4 inches in height, found at San Diego last year, and he proposes to travel with it through California as soon as it reaches Berkeley. The mummy is now in Washington, where the previous owners have been for some time trying to sell it to the Smithsonian Institution, The only thing that stood in the way of the sale was the price, and upon this the owners of the institution could not agree. Rawson, who is a professional taxidermist and a lover of curios, watched the progress of the deal, and when he found that there was difficulty stepped in and purchased the skeleton of the freak. Rawson has a small fortune invested in curiosities and rare specimens from various sections of the globe, and he proposes to put the best of these into a wagon with the bones of the giant and transverse California in real “dime-museum-on-wheels” style. He expects that the mummy will reach Caliornia in May.

Fred Rawson’s Mummy

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San Francisco Call, Volume 79, Number 56, 25 January 1896

~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum