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Cantua 7 footer buried

The Fresno Mummy?

How many Fresno giants are there?


Stanford University and the Smith- sonian Said to be Bidding on it.

Fresno, October 49. – The Fresno mummy attracted thousands to see it Saturday and Sunday. Last night the announcement was made that the mummy had been buried at the county’s expense in a vacant lot of the public cemetery. Fears were entertained that it would be stolen, as it was considered valuable. Offers reaching great sums have been offered but declined. The undertaker announced that it had been buried secretly in an unmarked grave to prevent grave robbers from stealing it, but the facts in the case are different. Information has been obtained from a trustworthy source that the mummy has not been buried and will not be. It is known that in inside circles that a gentlemen from the Stanford University is here negotiating for the body, and a man representing the Smithsonian Institute at Washington is also bidding for it.

The mummy will go to one place or the other. The opinion of doctors is that it will remain in its present state of preservation for years. It is the most remarkable case o its kind known.

(Research by Eric Richards)

First of all Lets get a count of how many Giants have been called the Fresno mummy.

  1.  The Fresno Woman. Discovered by I. N. Barrett, found by a little boy. and displayed at 537 Broadway in what used to be Hart’s Jewelry Store.
  2. The Fresno Petrification: A Stone Petrification. Discovered Dec. 12, 1890. Exhibited at the Central Hotel then onto the Chicago’s World Fair.  60 miles from Fresno and measures 6 foot 4 1/2.
  3. Cantua Canyon Petrification: Discovered by two men “Packwood and Barrett” who were building a Dam when they saw an exposed foot. 7 feet long, Weighing 600 lbs. found 60 miles from town.
  4. Cantua Canyon Mummy: Found by William Elkinton in Cantua Canyon in August of 1891. It was in the care of Dr. W. T. Mauphin (health officer) 70 miles west of this city.  $2000 was offered but it was stolen for the purpose of exhibition June 23 1892.
  5. The Fresno Mummy. Seen by thousands over Saturday and Sunday. It was said to be buried in an empty lot at the cemetery. Sources say that the mummy was not buried but was bid on, and hauled off to Stanford or the the Smithsonian Institution. (common theme).


The only conclusion that can be obtained from the information given is that there is a 10 mile area 60 to 70 miles west of town in which 4 or more individuals have been found ranging from mummification, to petrification.

These are not isolated cases in fact there are dozens of others from the surrounding areas.

  • Stanford 6’9″ Petrification
  • The Martindale mummies
  • The Bridaldale mummies
  • The Yosemite mummies
  • . . . and lets not forget the San Diego Giant.

Chris L Lesley / Greater Ancestors World Museum

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