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add-fl-Lawrence World Journal, August 25, 1927 GIANT INDIAN SKELETONS
Tampa, Fla. (AP).- Giant Indians who roamed Florida swamps 500 years or more, living on shell foods which they cracked with their teeth, is a picture unfolded by archaeologists who have delved into a burial ground on a gulf island near here.
The skeletons were discovered in a small section of land, where a lone fisherman has lived for years.  Scientists estimated the bones are at least 500 years old and are the remains of a tribe known as the Caribs, natives of the West Indies.  They are believed to have inhabited the state and adjacent islands before the arrival of the Spanish in Florida.
The skulls are larger than those of current history, battered and crushed, indicated tribal battles.  The jaw and teeth were unusually large.  Likewise are the body bones, indicating the Indians of the past ages were veritable giants in comparison with those of  today.

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Mounds similar to the one in which the bones were unearthed are common in the state.  The bones have been sent to the Smithsonian Institution for further examination.

Lawrence World Journal, Aug 25, 1927

1927.08.05 – Lawrence World-Journal


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