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Stanford 6′ 9″ petrification

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A Petrified Giant.

Joseph Sweshenger, who resides near Stanford, writes to the River Press particulars of a wonderful discovery he recently made in an unfrequented mountain near his residence. The discovery consists of a petrified man, with all his limbs in a perfect state of preservation. The body stands by a massive boulder, of which it seems to have become a part, and cannot be removed without considerable labor and expense. A tiny stream of water flowing from a spring above falls directly upon the head of the body, after passing over it loses itself in the surrounding rock. The body measures 6 feet and 9 inches from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet and is well proportioned, the chest and limbs being of ponderous width and size. The features are of a severe Roman type, surmounted by a broad, high forehead and a luxurious growth of hair, which is as firm as rock itself. A beard reaching to the waist completes a picture which inspires a feeling of awe and reverence in the beholder. Certain hieroglyphics are cut upon the rock, a true copy of which Mr. Sweshenger promises to send us.

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