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Sarasota County Indians 7 Ft Tall

Body of Indian Chief Found in Big Mound

Further Interesting discoveries were  made yesterday by searchers who are delving into the huge Indian Mound found a few days ago at Brookside, south of the city on Bee Ridge Road.The skeletons of what those versed in Indian Lore was the chief of the tribe, slain and buried in the mound was unearthed by noon. Around the neck of the skeletons was a square red stone which had evidently been attached by a thong, for the stone reposed on the chest. It was engraved and the characters, some of the hundreds of persons viewing the find yesterday said denoted its wearer was the chief.

Another unusual find yesterday was more skeletons at the bottom of the mound, about 10 feet deeper than where the first one was discovered when a steam shovel began grading for the street. It is estimated that at least 150 bodies went into the mound when the Indians began clearing up after what had been more or less a bitter battle. There has been a constant stream of people to view the work exploring the mound since finding was announced last Sunday morning in the Herald. The bones taken out are being preserved and it is hoped to find at least one skeleton in a sufficient state of preservation to permit it being salvaged as a whole, but the chances of this are considered remote because of the passage of so many years. Ed Cowles, editor of This Week in Sarasota, and quite a student of Indian Lore, was a visitor yesterday.

“The Indian was at least seven feet high, judging by this bone,”

was his conclusion. Another skull found at a depth of about five feet would strongly support the theory that got Dayton Tenn,. in the Papers recently. . .

Sarasota Herald, Friday, March 19, 1926

After attending 2 years in Tampa Florida which was a secondary choice of colleges, NEC / Tampa Technical Institute which offered a degree in Commercial Art allowed me to get up a nice portfolio and allowed me entrance into Ringling School of Art and Design. I lived in Sarasota for about 10 years I have traveled Bee Ridge road 100’s of times. It is nice that true history much like Biblical History is tied to places and events that are verifiable.

Chris L Lesley / GAWM

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