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3 7ft Skeletons Waimea

3 7ft Skeletons Waimea

3 Giant Skeletons over 7 Feet Tall Waimea1912 Newspaper.


Road-workers at Waimea,
Hawaii, Dig, Up Bones of Men
‘ Over Seven Feet Tall
lIgeAd OF GREA’T battle
Story of Maui King Whose
-Bodyguard Fell oa Invasion;
Brought Back to Mind :
i Three gigantic skeletons unearthed
a; few days ago at Waimea, Hawaii,
have aroused Intense- interest among
those; who have heard of the unusual
happening, The immense size of the ‘
skeletons confirm stories in, Hawaiian
legends of the great stature and tro
mendcus ctrengtii . of the men of old,
particularly those who surrounded, the
kings and chiefs in the; days y? when
might and right went together. . . .
– The newa of the discovery came to
Honolulu on Saturday- by . the, Mauna
Kea… . John . H. v Wise, who2S been
at work In the Waimea. ‘homestead
district on the homcsteadlng project
in wnicn.. he and several btheri local
peopla tre Interested, vouches foft the
ccrrectnesa of the Information, having
perrons Uy inspected the skeletons and
made roughs but ractlcal ‘.: measure
ments or some of the bones. , .
TThere Is no question that the; men.
jivmg, were ‘an weir over seven feet
high.” said ; Wise today.; .The :- leg
bonea, ,for instance, were far; longer
than that of any man in Hawaii today,
so far as we know.’ 1. ant something
over five-feet-ten In : height and the
icg-Dcne, front foot to knee came half
way between my .knee and thigh.: The
uones wew or immense ,alie. t The
skulls were also of treai’ size; while
the-conformation Indicated: that the
men .were of an intelligent type. The
forehead was bold. Instead of . retreat
ing and all the 6kull-bdnea were weU
rornjedif’f’f iT’st’:’-
, ‘ The three skeletons were dug up by’
4 rpad-gang bulldlnff “a new roadi’ in
cutting down a grade; thq,: three skei;
etons were. found. ? WIae savi. that the
men were, not .burted,- .for’:neJther the
posture noft, the surroundinrsi sbowed
ny-vidence-Hef Hiawaiian- bu r ! 1 1′
want waa. to place them , la a bent
posture, shoulders- forward anarms
womjni . uown, to toe knees,” he said
hls vmornin, i but? none fccf ; these
uodies had been so arranged TheV
werd lying Un an extended attitude,
the figures on their .sides, and it is
reasonable to . suppose that ihey were
soiaicra rauen. in battle, both from ths
circumstances under which ther have
neen round and because their discov.
ery bears dut a legend dealing: witU a
great . battle in thia district ‘ in – the
sixteenth century.” ‘ ISH
i Perhaps unfortunately for scientific
research, the : Hawaiiani who were
employed on thev road-gang refused to
allow the skeletons, to b taken away,
ana tney were ; reburied. However.
Wise says that they can probably be
Secured .In case they should be desired
for the Bishop Museum. ‘ He thinks
that ethnologists would And much of
(Continued on page eight) . ; ;


3 Giant Skeletons over 7 Feet Tall discovered at Waimea on the Big Isle of Hawaii  Honolulu 1912 Newspaper.

~Chris L Lesley/GAWMuseum


Honolulu starbulletin., December 22, 1913, 230 Edition, Image 8
t .
(Continued from page one) –
; . f Turkey 45 cents a pound;
Mve .weights.-! -..v.’v
The above : arfe the present ; quota
tions for turkey and ? pig given out
this morning rby one’ -of . the largest
market dealers in the’ cUy,;; Turkey–not
the cold storage variety 4s there
fore not going ‘ to be a cheap lnxury
this Christmas,- tor; along’ with, other
things, -which find, tbeir-way -to, the
table, – its priced hasgonsQuij ‘;lntbe
last year at ‘ no 5 smalj rateT-itCi
Shipments of . ccld-storage, birds are
beginning to arrive, Several bnndred
pounds of ‘ turkeys preserved f In:; ice
arrived tbJs’ mornbg and a “U like
nmcunt will arrive’ before Christmas
day.-. Eut a. slgtiflcant thing, Is. tbat
though live turkeys are -bringing a far
preater price this Christmas than last,
the demand for- them has .not fallen
eft On the bntrary It has grown.
Many live turkeys have been -shipped
bere from the( mainland, and. many
merest in a studj of . what were evi
dently physical giants.
Another reason for” the Iwlief that
tbe me(i were slain. In battle is that
they were only about two feet below
the surface of the soil,’ And the soil in
dicated that it had gradually accumu
lated over tbem with .;tbe slow accre
tion of years. Also, M he skeletons
were close together. r
Tbe legend of tbe great battle tells
of a Maui king whose- bodyguard was
composed of warrftrs.xver seven feet
high, the bodyguard’ being killod at
1 AViimaa Thl Wmd UMsa fnl.l this
And now comes! m-.i, fnunie-
The Legend.
In the latter part of the sixteenth
century Ike kinr of Mau!, Kakaanaleo.
Wnt on conquest, took a great fleet
cf war-tfanoea and invaded Hawaii.
ltioJkarrakahiki. crandson of the
famous Unil, commanded the forces
that were banded together to meet the
invader from Maui, and the Hawaii
leader artfully laid a trap, for the in
vader. Three fisnermen were posted
by Lonoikamakahikl at Kawaihae and
told that when the Maul king and his
forces should arrive, tbe Maui man
was to be told to place his small
canoes inside the large canoes so that
from the heights the Hawaii outposts
would think only a small force had
landed in the night. The fishermen
were to persuade Kakaanaleo to load
with the
smaller craft, like box in box. until
only a few canoes could be seen on
the shores.
The fishermen craftily did their
duty ajut.the canoes were loaded ono
in the other. Then the Maui forces
mAveri nn tr battle, and the eneaee-
weet potatoes . , Apple sauce lmbnt waA.tswxht-rtitMltlmv .TlbHU
Pig Kaluaed HatiWleact.r trt ftnitb. acEcfeValik
i bona -op v TWWMfltlifik, Hawaii forces
Water . ‘ ;’t Si- -J irrvhark thuuniut men with ereat
AH this – will be given, and Jailer !los Fin.tiy rXakaanaleo and the
remnants of his army reached their
canoes and tried to make; their es
cape, ; but -the canoes were so loaded
with smaller canoes that they could
not be hastily launched and the army
and its leaders Were cut to pieces,
r Tradition says that only the son of
the Want kmg ; made bis escape and
that he;was spared by a generous Ha
waii general who saw the fleeing
George W. Mohikoa submitted the youth take refuge la a cave and cried
lowest of three Unders opened at the out: “Let the young pup live to com
mihlie works denartment at noon to- memorate our victory’ There is a
day for the construction of four home-j legend also wblch says that three or
slead roads on Kauai. tThat of Joe lour ot-ne soiaiers: escapea.


  1. 3 Giant Skeletons over 7 Feet Tall discovered at Waimea on the Big Isle of Hawaii  Honolulu 1912 Newspaper.
  2. Honolulu star-bulletin., December 22, 1913, 2;30 Edition, pages 1 & 8



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