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An Alleged Discovery of a Dried Up Pre-Historic Man at Jerome.

The Jerome News gives an extended account of the alleged finding of a mummy in the United Verde mine. The finding of a mummy is a possible thing, but this alleged discovery coming so closely on the heels of the finding of the bogus petrified man will make the story to be received with a large decoction of salt.

After giving a very plausible account of the discovery, the News spoils the story by claiming it to be that of Montezuma, the Aztec chief. The plausible story of the find as given in the News is as follows:

“The finding of a mummified man by workmen at the United Verde mines on Monday, December 3d, created some little excitement in Jerome. The body is undoubtedly that of a man who, during life, was a giant, at least everything surrounding the find would signify that such was the case, as beside him was found a firearm somewhat similar to the shotgun used at the present time, but so large and of such weight that the average man of today could not pose it for shooting. Beside the gun, there were found near him working tools all of which were manufactured of tempered copper, showing that the man must have been buried over 3,000 years ago during the first age of copper. The body is well preserved but has evidently shriveled, yet many of the most important parts have undoubtedly remained their natural size.

The numerous articles found with the body would signify that he was a king of some renown.

“The find was made in a cave exposed by the caving in of the Verde mines. It was with wonder and awe that the workmen first entered the cave and handled the relics that must have been laid away centuries ago.”

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