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Giant Skeleton


Peter Marx, of Walnut Creek, discoverer of the skeleton of a prehistoric human giant on his farm several weeks ago, while in the city yesterday stated that the curiosity is attracting such deep interest in scientific circles that he is almost deluged with letters, and during the past two weeks has been visited by Mr. and Mrs. Shoup, the former an attaché of the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, who made the long journey especially for the purpose of viewing the frame of the giant of other days.

Mr. Shoup was provided with photographic instruments and took several pictures of the freak. He also desired to take it to Washington, but this request was held up by Mr. Marx until later, and after he ascertains whether Arizona desires it for its probable state museum. In that event, it will be donated. Mr. Marx stating that as the subject was found in the territory, it should be kept here.

Mr. Shoup was very much interested in those portions of the human frame that were intact, particularly the skull which indicated that the giant was of such abnormal size as to be beyond comprehension as that of a human being.

Mr. Marx has uncovered another Aztec burying ground near the point where the skeleton was found, but all skeletons dug up are normal in size and attract but little attention, only a small number being found.

An old irrigating ditch has also been partly uncovered, and it is Mr. Shoup’s belief that the place was intelligently cultivated in some past age by an industrious people. Mr. Marx has uncovered many implements, some of which are unique in construction, and for what purposes they were utilized, is problematical.

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