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Putnam County Battle Axe 300 lbs

Indian’s Battle Axe, 300 Pounds, Put on Display


Indian’s Battle Axe, 300 Pounds, Put on Display

Georgia Shows Freak Tomahawk Found on Farm About 100 Years Ago

ATLANTA. Ga., Aug. 25.–(2) —A stone battle axe, weighing more than 300 pounds and measuring 29 inches in length, is on display in the office of Secretary of State S. G. McLendon. The axe was brought here by L. R. Waller, on his Oconee River farm in Putnam county, Georgia. It was found more than a century ago.

Believed at first to be a freak of nature, the huge tomahawk was given to the state geologist for examination. It was found that the stone had been shaped and the groove for the handle cut by human hands. The geologist declined to comment on the probable age of the relic or the race of men who might have constructed and used the huge implement.

Waller said he believed the weapon to have been made by Creek Indians who once lived in the vicinity of the Waller farm. Creek Indian legend has it that the axe was the property of a powerful chieftain.

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