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Santa Cruz 4 Giants, 8 feet tall

California Shell Mounds. by R.E. DODGE. Near my home in California, about five miles above the city of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz county. and right on the coast is one of the largest shell mounds I have ever seen. It is about two hundred and seventy feet long and ninty feet wide. How high it has been con not now be told, as most of it has been removed by poultry men, who used to haul it away by the wagon loads. This practice has since been stopped. by the owner but still some is hauled away.

I have made frequent trips to this mound for archaeological research but the results are few in number.

Santa Cruz 4 Giants, 8 feet tall

The Archaeological Bulletin, Volumes 4-6  By Wilson Straley pg 114 to 116, 1913.