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Yavapai County Giant Tracks

Yavapai County Giant Tracks

Tracks, apparently human, but of smaller size than the petrified forest prints, have been dug out of a sandstone quarry at Ashfork, Arizona.

There is very little information found about these tracks. Maybe the local or state museums have more detailed information. We think that this is a worthwhile endeavor for giant researchers to explore.

The conclusions from these remark-able discoveries are crystal clear, but have far-reaching repercussions :

  1. Degeneration, not evolution has been the fate of the human race.
  2. Finding human tracks and dinosaur tracks in the same formation prove them contemporaneous, rather than separated by from 6o,000,000 to 120,000,000 years,thus collapsing the geological age theory.
  3. Evolution has always leaned on the geological age theory for its main sup-

port; therefore with the collapse of the geological age theory, the generalization of organic evolution also collapses.”

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