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Lost Race near Silver Springs

Skeleton of Lost Race Unearthed Near Silver Springs

One of Florida’s first tourist attractions, the springs drew visitors even before the U.S. Civil War. Glass-bottom boats have been a popular way to see the 242-acre (98┬áha) complex. A small amusement park with various animals, a concert stage, a carousel, and exhibits also developed.

Silver Springs is an unincorporated community in Marion County, Florida, United States. It is the site of Silver Springs, a group of artesian springs and a historic tourist attraction that is now part of Silver Springs State Park. The community is part of the Ocala metropolitan area.

Skull of a man and woman antidating Timucu nation inhabiting Florida upon discovery of America. Note the worn teeth, probably denoting age, and the fracture at the base of the man’s skul: and the better teeth, higher forehead and absense and absence of the orbital ridge on the woman’s. Right is a skeleton of a young woman six feet tall and a massive build belonging to that mysterious, prehistoric people known as the Florida Colossus.

Miami News, September 2, 1934, Bones found by ccc Diggers.

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