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Sutter County, Mound Builder City

In Sutter County, California, there exists an area that should be considered target number one for archaeologists. This region is home to a network of walls and structures that span for hundreds of miles. These ancient structures are made of stone and have puzzled many for years. Despite their significance, these structures do not seem to be receiving the priority status attention they deserve.

The Sutter Buttes, an area that was once an active volcano, are the site of these mysterious walls. They have been found to span for miles and miles, creating a complex network of stone structures. Additionally, nearby counties such as Alameda, Marin, and Santa Clara also have walls made of basalt, the origins of which are unknown.

What makes this area even more fascinating is the discovery of skeletons in nearby counties that measure up to 8 feet tall. These skeletons are believed to belong to the Mound Builders, an ancient race of giant humans known for their megalithic constructions. The similarity between the structures found in Sutter County and those in other parts of the world only adds to the intrigue of this discovery.

The idea that the megalithic constructions and the giants around the world could be related is a fascinating one. This is especially true when we consider the mysterious nature of these structures and the unanswered questions that surround them. If archaeologists were to give this area priority status attention, we could potentially learn more about these ancient structures and the people who created them.

It’s not uncommon for discoveries like this to go unnoticed for many years. But it’s important to remember that every new discovery brings us closer to understanding our past and how it has shaped the world we live in today. The significance of the Sutter Buttes and the walls and structures within it cannot be ignored. Hopefully, with more attention and research, we can uncover more about this intriguing piece of history.

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