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Cherokee County Shell Heap Skulls

On the bank of the river, a mile below the shell heap just described is an earth mound about 50 by 60 feet, longest north and south. as the ground has long been cultivated, it is probable the shape has been somewhat changed; it was no doubt practically circular when built.

On the east side, mostly in the trench but extending a short distance under the outside wall, was a grave 8 1/2 feet long, four feet wide, and dug two feet deep in the natural soil. If this were four skeletons, two lying side by side on the bottom, the other low directly on these. The bodies were extended, heads to the north east. One of these on the bottom was about 6 feet, 4 inches long, the bones very large, the tibia had pronounced anterior curvature while the process of attachment of the muscles on the femurs were large and rugged.

Smithsonian Institutions Bureau of Ethnology 44th Annual Report, 1925

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